Books of Note: Nature's Way - Observations of a Good Earthkeeper

Nature's Way - Observations of a Good Earthkeeper (book cover)

In the course of working here at The Wilderness Society I find myself on the road quite a lot. It's a joy to see the country, especially the wilderness and wild places we work so hard to protect. It is also a pleasure to meet so many other Americans that support our efforts and otherwise join together to help wildlands.

We all have ways of expressing our passion for the outdoors. And once in a while I or my staff or others around The Wilderness Society come across a great book - one worth sharing. That is why I would like to introduce the Books of Note section of our blog and kick it off with a great compilation of writings from a great amateur naturalist, Marion Dusoir Ennes, called Nature's Way - Observations of a Good Earthkeeper.

I think the Editor's Note for the book, below, provides a great summary. I hope you'll investigate further and we look forward to sharing more books with you in the future.

Editors Note: 

Marion Dusoir Ennes was fascinated by nature. During her childhood on a farm she found companionship with the local flora and fauna, and throughout her life she remained a devoted amateur naturalist. In 1986 Marion became editor of The Warbler, newsletter of the Alan Devoe Bird Club. Later, the publisher of The Independent Newspaper invited Marion to contribute an illustrated column titled “Nature’s Way.” Derived from her continual study of natural history, the column covered a wide range of wildlife and ecological topics, with an intriguing blend of scientific fact and insight. In recognition of her work, the Columbia County Environmental Management Council gave Marion their “Good Earthkeeping Award” in 1991. Marion’s column continued for ten years, 349 essays, written in the hope that we might open our eyes and hearts to the other beings who share our world. 

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