On the brink of catastrophe; Help protect Arctic animals from a devastating oil spill

We need your help to save Arctic animals from oil drilling and a potential oil spill that could be even more devastating than what we saw in the Gulf.

Big oil corporations are just a few steps away from dangerous oil drilling in sensitive Arctic waters, and possibly in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Millions of iconic Arctic animals will be at risk if we allow drilling in the Arctic's Beaufort or Chuckchi seas or the Arctic Refuge itself.

Check out our slideshow to learn about some of the Arctic animals at risk:

Learn how each of these animals would suffer from an oil spill.

The U.S. Interior Department already has given a conditional green light to Shell to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean next summer.  Shell still needs approval of its oil spill-response plan; we are doing all that we can to ensure that the Obama Administration rejects the plan, because  effective oil spill response in the Arctic using current technologies is impossible. Click here to take action and help protect Arctic animals from Shell drilling.

Please help us protect the bearded seal and other Arctic animals at risk.

If Shell succeeds, pristine Arctic ecoystems and millions of iconic Arctic animals could be exposed to the dangers of an oil spill--only this time the task of cleaning up will be nearly impossible.The waters where Shell plans to drill are home to an astonishing variety of animals that thrive in this delicate ecosystem.Seals, sea lions, walruses, polar bears and numerous varieties of whales are among the beloved wildlife that could be affected if an oil spill were to occur.

Several decisions affecting the fate of these extraordinary Arctic lands, waters and animals could be made any day. Our campaign to protect the Arctic is at work to stop this disaster waiting to happen. If you can, please consider a gift to support our work to protect Arctic animals from this urgent threat.

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