Bryce Canyon celebrates 14th Annual Astronomy Festival

The Milky Way seen above the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park (orange glow on the horizon is from the town of Tropic)

Flickr, Ken Colwell

From June 25th to 28th, 2014​, Bryce Canyon National Park will celebrate its 14th Annual Astronomy Festival.

Bryce Canyon is one of Utah's premiere stargazing destinations. Its protected lands are far from light pollution, making about 7,500 stars visible on a moonless night. The Milky Way arches from horizon to horizon, and Venus are Jupiter are remarkably bright enough to cast shadows.

Every summer, Bryce's astronomy festival hosts the Salt Lake Astronomical Society who help Bryce Canyon's Dark Rangers offer a world-class public stargazing opportunity. The event includes huge telescopes, model rocket building and launching, constellation tours, workshops and speakers.

This year's keynote presentation will include the U.S. debut appearance of award-winning Australian photographer and amateur astronomer Alex Cherney.

View one of Cherney's videos at an Australian National Park below:

Starry skies have delighted humans for eons. Unfortunately, increasing light pollution is making dark skies a thing of the past. Even wild lands often have skies blighted by oil drilling operations outside its boundaries.

Fellow star lovers, please join us in protecting lands - and their wildly dark skies.


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