Bush’s Parting Blows to Wild Lands: The Wilderness Society breaks down the threats

With the election over, there’s already much to discuss about the future Obama administration. However, the Bush administration is still in action, and it’s using its final months to target some 624 acres of our public lands.

In covering the final months of this administration, you’ll find a large list of last minute land management plans, regulation re-writes and policy changes that could wreak havoc on protected places.

The Bush administration has given carte blanche to industry to do as they wish with our public lands—lands that are critical to safeguarding clean water and air and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And they’re not done yet.

Few Americans are aware of the “midnight” threats already in play in the Bush administration’s waning days. But fortunately, there may still be time to hold off irreparable harm for some of these lands.

If you’re part of the media, our tip sheet provides a place for you to begin digging deeper into issues that, if not addressed today, could be with us for decades. The sheet provides in-depth information about the most serious threats and Wilderness Society staff contacts to get you started on any stories that pique your interest.