Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week!

It’s National Wildlife Refuge week, which means special events at many refuges and fantastic sights and sounds at all of them.

America’s National Wildlife Refuges are a unique and powerful set of lands.  These 553 sanctuaries for birds, fish, and wildlife are also some of the best places to get outside for hiking, fishing, paddling, and of course wildlife watching.

The Wilderness Society will be featuring some of the great Refuges around the country on our website this week, celebrating them and warning of the threats that still loom over these precious pockets of conservation.

From the Pelican Island Refuge, created in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt to more than 550 Refuges across the country, the National Wildlife System continues to flourish.  Many Refuges are within a 2-hr drive from a major metro area, and have educational and other programs for kids, along with hiking trails and wildlife viewing areas.

Refuges are incredibly popular for bird watching – many have been created or enlarged by Duck Stamp dollars over the years – and are especially popular this time of year during the fall migration.  But these places are for more than just bird-watchers – they are also popular hunting and fishing spots (season permitting of course) as well as photography and other activities.

This week we’ll highlight some iconic Refuges like the Charles M. Russell Refuge in Montana and the crown jewel itself, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

But we also want to hear about your favorite National Wildlife Refuges – where is it, and what about it makes it so special to you.  Tell us below in the comments or on our Facebook page, and we’ll select a few of them to highlight on Friday to cap off our celebration of these wonderful areas.

Now get out there and enjoy some Refuges!