Climate change agenda making progress

What a difference an election makes! The leadership of the 111th Congress and the new administration are in complete agreement that swift action on global warming legislation is critical.

As a result, Sen. Barbara Boxer has wasted no time in setting her agenda for a climate bill. She began the week with a news conference to announce the Principles for Global Warming Legislation — the principles that will guide development of a plan to curb carbon dioxide emissions.It’s an ambitious framework, and one that we’re pleased to see acknowledges the importance of conserving wildlife and natural systems threatened by global warming.

There’s other good news in the principles as well. They call for emissions limits “guided by science” — a refreshing change. And they call for a carbon auction system that funds a transition to a clean energy economy.

We applaud Sen. Boxer and her colleagues for their commitment to addressing global warming so early in the legislative session.