Climate Change sets its sights on Thanksgiving

It’s pretty clear that climate change will have a host of victims, from coastal communities and cities, to drought-stricken plains states.

Already it is affecting the breakfast table, harming production of maple syrup and coffee.

Now it looks like  climate change is set to undermine one of the great American institutions: Thanksgiving.

If you’re like me, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a big slice of homemade pecan pie to fully contribute to a post-dinner food coma in front of a football game.  But the extreme temperatures in Texas, the second largest pecan-producing state, are threatening this year’s crop, and could have devastating implications for years to come on this key ingredient to pecan pie. This is particularly alarming to southern family traditions, as noted by South Carolina native Louise Tucker: “Thanksgiving without pecan pie would be like Christmas without Santa!”

This year’s historic drought in the Lone Star state has reduced the annual pecan crop by approximately 40%.  And unfortunately, it is likely that the hot, dry weather in Texas will be closer to the norm, rather than the exception, for years to come.

That’s why it is increasingly vital to stop denying the reality of climate change, and start supporting real solutions to capping the unchecked carbon pollution that is warming our world and threatening our jobs, our livelihoods, and our holidays.

Even the climate skeptics are coming around to what many of us have known for a long time – that climate change is real, and it is happening. Now it is time to step up and take action to stop it.

Our energy policy is plainly anti-pecan pie, providing massive government subsidies for carbon polluters that spew greenhouse gases into the air and expect the rest of society to pay for the consequences.  If you’re in the pro-pecan pie camp, it is time to fight back.  It is time for a pro-pecan clean energy policy which rejects the special interest pleadings of the polluters, embraces wind and solar development and welcomes the life-affirming work of the Environmental Protection Agency’s that keeps our air clean and free of carbon pollution.