Colorado hiking trail #10: South Boulder Peak

View from South Boulder Peak

Flikr Creative Commons: frankenstoen

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Colorado hiking trail #10. South Boulder Peak [Difficult, Easily accessible]: Located between Eldorado Springs and Chautauqua, this peak can be accessed through the Mesa Trailhead, and offers the full 360-degree view from the Rocky Mountain National Park to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

A hike gaining almost 3,000 feet in elevation with large boulders to climb, old ponderosa pines scaling the landscape, and even the occasional bear or mountain lion tromping through in the distance gives any nature enthusiast a thrilling short day hike to remember.  With historic cabins like the Doudy-Debacker-Dunn House along the trails, the experience will take you back in time and reveal the true beauty of the age-old relics and rocks.

Check out trail openings that take place throughout the year.

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