Colorado hiking trail #3: Needle Mountains Loop

Squaw Creek Trail, Weminuche Wilderness Area

Flikr Creative Commons: JustTooLazy

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Colorado Trail #3. Needle Mountains Loop [Difficult]:

Located in Colorado's Weminuche Wilderness Area, this hike spot is just southeast of Silverton.This is the ultimate wilderness area in the Chicago Basin for the rugged backpackers and mountaineers that enjoy a challenging hike or climb and also a breathtaking view of the peaks along the Continental Divide. Not to mention hikers often scope out mountain goats and marmots.

A pivotal point of the hike leads to Eldorado Lake, the perfect tucked away spot to set up your tent and fish. A trip to this trail with exclusive access from the Chicago Basin may take some planning, so check this link out to make sure you are prepared for the trek.

Tips while hiking and camping in the Weminuche Wilderness Area.

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