Colorado hiking trail #7: Hermosa Creek Trail

Hermosa Creek Trail near Durango, CO

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Colorado hiking trail #7. Hermosa Creek Trail [Moderate, Easily accessible]:

Located in the San Juan and Rio-Grande National Forests, northeast of Durango, this trail is the king of backcountry trails with rugged, rocky to easily traveled paths to bike and hike through and almost no flat plains.

The hike takes you through many thick forests of Ponderosa Pines and Gambel Oaks, finally opening up to beautiful canyon views of La Plata Mountains. As secluded as this hike is, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful streams flowing in and out of the trail, and the forest cover that gives it a real backwoodsy feel with breathtaking views cutting through the trail.

Information about lodging near the San Juan National Forest can be found here.

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