Colorado hiking trail #9: Powderhorn Park Trail

Waterfall in Gunnison National Forest

Flikr Creative Commons: GSEC

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Colorado hiking trail #9. Powderhorn Park Trail [Moderate, Easily accessible]: Located in Gunnison National Forest, just a few hours west of Colorado Springs, this wilderness area offers almost 45 miles of trails with many opportunities to explore the different landscapes.

Willows and aspens cluster the steep valleys that are home to elk and mule deer which can be seen roaming throughout various hiking spots. The active surroundings keep this hiking area far from a normal hiking venture, and the various trails can keep enthusiasts coming back.

The best time of year to catch the beautifully red and orange sunsets and the active wildlife is from June through October.

Check trail information and guides to plan an enjoyable 3 to 4 day hike.

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