Colorado's Hiking Trails: 12 special trails, 12 special places

Hiker Square Top Mountain in a roadless area, Colorado

Juliebeth Pelletier

Colorado holds some of nature’s best kept secret hiking spots. From the crimson bluffs of the Vermillion Basin in Dinosaur to the blushing red sunsets of Needle Mountains Loop, Colorado’s hiking trails offer a feast for the eyes—and the soul.So many of these hiking trails remain special because of past or current efforts to preserve the wildness of the surrounding area--efforts that you help by supporting The Wilderness Society.

So in gratitude for all you do for wildlands, we'd like to provide you with some trail ideas for your next outdoor journey in Colorado. Happy hiking!

Trail #1. Vermillion Basin [Difficulty level: moderate]:

One of the wildest areas in the intermountain west, Colorado's Vermillion Basin has been left almost completely untouched by man. This secret treasure is just a few hours west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, near Dinosaur National Monument and Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge. Visit Vermillion Basin and you will see an area you've helped protect by supporting The Wilderness Society. Recently, our members and Wild Alert subscribers helped us convince the BLM to spare Vermillion Basin from oil and gas drilling.

Vermillion Basin holds awe-inspiring views of crimson bluffs and deep canyons and provides outstanding opportunities for solitude and off-trail hiking. The wide open basin is particularly beautiful at sunset and sunrise, when the red and orange hues highlight the petroglyphs found on various rock formations throughout the area.  In addition to the wilderness experience that Vermillion Basin provides, visitors to the area can also enjoy world-class whitewater rafting and fishing on the nearby Yampa or Green Rivers.

Information on planning your trip to Vermillion Basin activities and Dinosaur National Monument.

Follow these links to learn more about Vermillion Basin, or The Wilderness Society's Greater Dinosaur Campaign.

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