Contribute to Wilderness: Apply for our Gloria Barron Scholarship.

Student Conservation Association hikes the Cruces Basin Wilderness in the Carson National Forest, 2012

flickr, USDAgov

Think you've got what it takes to make a difference for America's public lands? Are you the next Leopold or Carson?

We invite you to apply for the Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship. 

Application deadline is March 31, 2014.

The Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship seeks to encourage individuals who have the potential to make a significant positive difference in the long-term protection of wilderness in the United States.

Important information:

  • We strongly encourage proposals relating to climate change, as well as other topics regarding wilderness conservation. 

  • Additional funding will be provided to pay travel expenses for the recipient to work with staff members of The Wilderness Society on the chosen project. We encourage the publication of this work, and have additional funds to help cover expenses of publishing and publicizing the final paper. 

  • Application deadline is March 31, 2014.

In the past, individuals like Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson have made a lasting difference. They possessed the skills needed to excel in their respective professions, but they also possessed something more: the courage and the vision to think afresh about how and why to protect our wild lands, and the ability to communicate those ideas effectively to others. 

For that reason, the Gloria Barron scholarship was created in honor of Gloria Barron, a dedicated educator and tireless advocate for wilderness protection. We have awarded $10,000 over the past several years to graduate students in support of their research on some aspect of wilderness.

For more information, please visit our application page