The coolest Valentine's video ever, and what it has to do with conservation

Candlelit restaurants got nothing over public lands when it comes to marriage proposals. 


Want to get romantic? Propose to your sweetheart in the Great Outdoors. Want to choke folks up? Send the video to the Interior Department.

For Valentine's Day, the Department of Interior has started a tradition of asking the public for something rather romantic - photos and videos of marriage proposals and weddings.

Why would the Interior Department do this? Simple. Many weddings and proposals take place at national parks, refuges and other public lands. The Interior Department wants to see those memorable moments come together in their  special Valentine's Day video. 

The result of last year's was delightfully syrupy tribute to the role that our beautifu-- and romantic--wildlands play in bringing happy couples together. 

All told, last year's video received more than 55 thousand views on Youtube. 

To us, the video shows just one more reason that the wild character of our public lands is worth conserving. Our American lands provide the backdrop for so many special personal and family experiences.

Be a part of the next Valentine's Day video

According to an e-mail from the Interior's director of digital strategy Tim Fullerton, the videos have been so popular, they are doing another for Valentine's Day 2015. 

The Interior Department is accepting entries now. 

What to send? Videos or photos of your wedding or marriage proposal within our public lands, including national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands.

Send your submissions to:

Deadline: Entries must be received by Feb. 7