Dave Matthews: Thank you for all you do for Wilderness

The Wilderness Society would like to extend a sincere thank you to musician, Dave Matthews, for all he has done in support of wilderness.

Dave Matthews’ international music legacy has influenced millions of people worldwide, but his legacy doesn’t stop there. His support of The Wilderness Society, his work with Dreaming Tree Wines and his efforts to highlight environmental causes on his national concert tour is inspiring millions of Americans to care for and protect our country’s treasured wild lands.

Thank you, Dave Matthews. Your love of wild places is an inspiration to us all.

Without public support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. See a list of the places the American people have helped protect in 2013:

By Dave Matthews

How would I explain a forest to
Someone who has never been in one –
The trees and the wind thru them,
The birds and their songs and
Their acrobatic flight about the branches.
The smell of the last time and
The time before and the time before
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