• David MoultonHere at the Copenhagen Summit the building is a maze of forest of data, side events, booths and actual negotiations over...forests. Forests are part of solving the climate crisis — through both storing carbon and helping ecosystems and communities adapt in a changing world.

  • Today Rajendra Pachauri, leader of the Nobel-prize winning UN climate science  process, spoke in Copenhagen with confidence in the bedrock of science on which our understanding of global warming rests.

    Meanwhile the opposition continues to try to squeeze the last few drops of doubt out of a few email lemons stolen from East Anglia University.

  • David MoultonDavid Moulton
    Director of Climate Change Policy, The Wilderness Society

    Greetings from Copenhagen. As the Wilderness Society’s Director of Climate Change Policy, I’m here at the U.N. climate change negotiations hoping to see wild land issues find their proper place in the talks.

  • David Moulton, Director of Climate Change Policy at The Wilderness Society.Here's a simple question for our climate negotiators in Copenhagen: As we seek to highlight the need to preserve the carbon in the vast but shrinking forests in other countries, how are we doing here at home?

  • As the snow was piling on Denver streets this week, Wilderness Society Senior Counsel Nada Culver got the news she had been anticipating for months.

  • With all eyes on the international climate negotiations beginning today in Copenhagen, the Obama administration took a significant step forward to address domestic greenhouse gas emissions.

  • In 2009 you helped us begin to tear down the destructive environmental legacy of the Bush administration. Our members and supporters sent more than 1 million letters to decision makers, while our staff worked closely with the incoming administration and Congress.

  • The climate debate vaulted onto the international stage Dec. 7, when delegations from across the planet gathered in Copenhagen to discuss next steps for an international climate plan.

    Important progress can be made if the U.S. demonstrates climate leadership in Copenhagen — and recent events give us reason to for hope. President Barack Obama has confirmed that he will attend these critical discussions, showing the world that the United States has finally gotten serious about addressing climate change.

  • The oil and gas industry has been promoting Alaska’s North Slope as the gold standard for “clean” oil development, asserting that new technology has shrunk industry’s footprint and will make future development less harmful to the environment.

    The facts tell a different story.

    Broken Promises, a new Wilderness Society report, calls attention to the gaps between promise and reality, casting doubt on the assurances issued by Arctic drilling proponents.

  • Years before it beckoned visitors with the name Congaree National Park, my escape from reality was known as Congaree Swamp.