Environmental damage control: Which Bush policies should Obama scrap first?

Washington is abuzz right now with talk of how the new Obama administration can undo some of the environmental damage done by their predecessors in the White House. There’s so much to be done, and everyone’s asking where to start.

“Which Bush administration environmental policies should be scrapped?” That was the question posed yesterday by reporter Margie Kriz to Wilderness Society President Bill Meadows and other environmental experts who blog on energy and the environment for the National Journal.

Bill was happy to respond, since The Wilderness Society was at the forefront of an effort beginning last fall to alert reporters and the public to the likely environmental mischief-making of the Bush administration during its final months in office.

Bill’s latest blog post talks about two of our highest priorities: reversing the regulations allowing commercial oil shale development in the West, and reversing the short-sighted changes to enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. You can read about other “midnight” regulations here.