Explore fall color: 5 great resources for finding peak fall foliage

Shallow Falls National Park in Maryland

flickr, Captain Kimo

Fall will be over before you know it. Make time to get outdoors and see the fall colors now.

Autumn's sunny days and cool nights means nature is in rare form. A rainbow of metamorphosing trees awaits you!

Here are some tips for finding prime fall foliage in wild places near you to be sure that you time your leaf peeping adventure appropriately.

1. Visit recreation.gov for their state-by-state suggestions. 

2. The Forest Service's fall colors site helps you find out about the best viewing places in forests near you.

3Visit our photo gallery of 15 National Parks with awesome fall color to learn more about where and when to go.

4. Call the Forest Service's fall colors hotline for updates.


Watch a short film of Autumn in Yosemite in fall:


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