Fracking movie "Gasland II" airs on HBO July 8, amid oil and gas industry attacks

Gasland Director Jeff Fox shown in movie in stream that could be affected by fracking

Just as concerns increase over the risks of fracking or horizontal drilling, another "Gasland" film attempts to explain why.

Gasland Part II, a documentary about hydraulic fracturing, airs on HBO on July 8

The movie's predecessor Gasland (and its famous flammable drinking water scenes) made news in 2010 when the film was nominated for an Oscar. Director Josh Fox narrated the story of how oil and gas companies sought drilling rights to his Pennsylvania land and then launches into an alarming investigation of the U.S. fracking boom, uncovering toxic drinking water and health problem trends all along the way.  

Now Josh Fox is at it again in Gasland Part II, revisiting long-term effects of fracking, including toxic drinking water, earthquakes and neurological damage. For the film, Fox traveled to the Gulf of Mexico, Texas and up the Delaware River basin to speak with those most affected.

GASLAND Part II Teaser Trailer #2 from JFOX on Vimeo.

In Gasland Part II, Josh Fox explores tactics the oil and gas industry has used to squelch investigations like his, including smear campaigns and lawsuits.

Apparently, numerous web sites, a documentary called FrackNation and other attempts sponsored by the oil and gas industry have attempted to undermine Fox's sequel film. 

Fox told Rolling Stone magazine that the motivation for a second film was that the story wasn't over. 

"We wanted to track whether or not there would be change, and what, if anything, was in the way of that. We also wanted to examine how this crisis is being handled by the government," Fox said. 

Gasland Part II premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival in April. Gasland Part Two Grassroots Tour screenings are taking place in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in June, and Fox will answer questions at these free events.

Want to see what the first movie was all about? Check out the trailer for Gasland, the movie: 

Concerned about fracking?

As we know, much of the controversy that exists over fracking has to do with public health issues, but fracking also has serious impacts on wildlands and wildlife habitats.

Get the facts on fracking and wildlands here. Then join our WildAlert community for opportunities to take action and help ensure that oil and gas development is done responsibly. 

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