Fracking rules to protect environment and human health are currently on the table

Fracking well at Roan Plateau, Colorado.


Many of America's important public lands are simply “too wild to drill," which is why The Wilderness Society continues to fight against drilling in those places. In places where drilling—and hydraulic fracturing or "fracking"—does occur, we want to ensure that drilling is done in the cleanest, safest manner. 

This month, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will be asking for public input on an important rule regarding fracking on our nation’s federal public lands.

This is a crucial opportunity for you to help ensure that the new federal rules for fracking on public lands protect the environment and set leading standards for how the industry operates.

Tell the BLM that we need strong standards for fracking on public lands!

Jonah oil and gas fields, Wyoming. Photo: Ecoflight

Advances in fracking  technology have allowed for the development of shale gas that was previously inaccessible, threatening wild lands and important community water sources.

Fracking requires millions of gallons of water, so in arid places like the West, this could mean less water for fish and wildlife. Operations are already industrializing wild and rural lands, and putting our world class recreation resources at risk. Without rigorous safeguards, fracking could lead to poisoned water and blighted landscapes. 

This is why, as energy development occurs on our public lands, it's critical that regulation to safeguard our precious natural resources and human health are set at the highest standards achievable by the federal government. 

For fracking this means:

  • Requiring public disclosure of fracking fluid composition

  • Stronger assurances of cement jobs and well integrity

  • Better storage of flow back water, specifically in a secure storage tank, and not a lined pond 

The Wilderness Society urges you to contact your representative and tell them to strengthen fracking standards that will protect our lands and water for future generations of Americans.

Tell the BLM that we need strong standards for fracking on public lands!