Friday Mystery Photo

Kelso Dunes Wilderness

flickr, TomHilton

California's Kelso Dunes Wilderness is quintessential desert, with neighboring Mojave Wilderness just to the east.

Its granite Bristol Mountains rise above the earth beside volcanic mountains like Broadwell Mesa, but of course the main attraction here are the sand dunes, sculpted by wind over the past 25,000 years. Its dune field covers 45 square miles with the tallest dunes about 650 feet high, making it one of the most extensive and massive dune fields in America.

But the Kelso Dunes are extraordinary for another special reason too. They are one of only a handful of places on the globe that has singing sand, otherwise known as "booming dunes". Sliding slowly down a dune produces a low-frequency hum both felt and heard - a truly unique wilderness experience.

Watch the video below to hear Kelso's singing sands:


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