Friday Mystery Photo

Acadia National Park

flickr, Captain Kimo

This week's photo is of Acadia National Park in Maine.

Acadia was the first National Park east of the Mississippi River and has the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast, Cadillac Mountain. The park has diverse natural features and ecosystems, including:

  • Beaches, coasts and shorelines
  • Forests
  • Geologic formations like granite ridges sculpted by glaciers
  • Lakes and ponds
  • Mountains
  • Wetlands, marshes and swamps

It is also considered one of the nation's best places for bird watching, with a record of 338 species sighted. On Cadillac Mountain, visitors can view migrating raptors, hawks and kestrels.

Like many National Parks, Acadia has had to suffer serious budget cuts as the result of sequestration. But after a month's delay, all paved roads and centers are finally open today!