Frontier Airlines joins forces with The Wilderness Society: Welcome aboard spokesanimals!

The Wilderness Society is proud to announce our new partnership with Frontier Airlines, the fleet known for its crew of loveably quirky spokesanimals who grace the tails of Frontier’s airplanes, including Carl the Coyote, Fritz the Mountain Goat and Stu the Eastern Cottontail. This exciting new partnership with Frontier will directly support our mission to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places.

The Wilderness Society works to protect the very lands that Frontier’s spokesanimals call home — before he was speaking for Frontier, Grizwald the Grizzly Bear could surely have been found romping across the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana, a wilderness area named after one of our founders. Sarge the Bald Eagle was nesting along the shores of the Skagit River in the North Cascades right outside of Seattle. Klondike and Snow the Polar Bear Cubs were wandering through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And Colorado the Big Horn Sheep could be found climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

“The partnership between Frontier Airlines and The Wilderness Society enables people to experience first-hand nature’s treasures. Together we can protect the places we love by connecting people to iconic American landscapes that sustain Frontier’s ‘spokesanimals’,” said President of The Wilderness Society William H. Meadows.

Bryan Bedford, chairman, president and CEO of Frontier Airlines said “We are so pleased to work together with The Wilderness Society in their effort to protect the nation’s wilderness and inspire people to connect with these great places.”

“Frontier is more than an airline with animals on its tails, we are a Company with an intense passion for the communities we serve and a real responsibility to help protect the incredible wilderness habitats our guests travel to each and every day and in which our ‘spokesanimals’ call home.”

In addition to working to preserve the spokesanimals habitats, the Wilderness Society and Frontier Airlines will be celebrating America’s wilderness through the my wilderness campaign. This interactive campaign asks individuals to share their favorite stories of experiences in their own wilderness — from hiking in a national park, rafting on a wild and scenic river, camping with friends or visiting a national forest. With my wilderness, people can participate in contests to visit wild locales, watch videos featuring wild places of the month, get outdoors tips and learn more about the places they love. This partnership with Frontier Airlines is just one of many ways that The Wilderness Society is building a strong coalition of businesses committed to protecting our public lands. Our partnerships — with Bank of America; 103.7 The Mountain in Seattle; the GIS system ESRI; Sungevity; Organic Bouquet; 1% for the Planet; Big Earth Publishing; and TisBest Philanthropy — help The Wilderness Society raise awareness of environmental issues and generate critical funding for our conservation programs.

Frontier will support The Wilderness Society through financial contributions, creative fundraising efforts and employee volunteerism. We are pleased to welcome them aboard our team!