#GoSolar #GoOutside: Celebrate a brighter future for our public lands on National “Shout out for Solar” Day

Hiker in the Mojave Desert.

John Dittli.

Celebrate the power of the sun on Jan. 16 and send a message to policy makers nationwide that doing clean energy right means a brighter future for us all.

This Friday, Jan. 16 is National “Shout out for Solar” Day, an opportunity to applaud the remarkable strides our nation has made toward a clean energy future. In the spirit of celebrating solar energy, it’s also a great time to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine for ourselves.

Show your support for clean energy development in a way that minimizes impacts the public lands what we all love. Urge your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to get outside and shout “#GoSolar #GoOutside” on Jan. 16.

Doing solar the right way

An important way of protecting our wild places is replacing our dirty fossil fuels with cleaner energy alternatives. The Wilderness Society supports responsible development of renewable energy by guiding development to appropriate locations, leaving our wildest places wild and open for enjoyment and exploration.

Any new development—including renewable energy—will impact the environment. By guiding clean energy projects to the right places, we can ensure that our environment and our economy stay healthy. Sparing wild places from energy development also means providing future generations with the same recreational opportunities that we all enjoy today.

Paying back the land with smart solar development

To help balance the impacts of renewable energy development, the Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act addresses these impacts to humans and natural communities.

If enacted, this bill would advance renewable energy development in smart places while protecting the public lands that we all cherish. Revenues generated from renewable energy development would be used to sustain recreational uses of public lands for future generations. This includes building and improving hiking trails, providing more ways to access public lands and preserving wildlife habitat.

Get out and shout out

As our energy future continues to take shape, we have an unprecedented chance to combat climate change while saving the wild places that we all love. Let’s celebrate that opportunity by getting out and enjoying those places, and by shouting out your support for developing clean energy the right way: #GoSolar #GoOutside