Got cool videos? Share them on the Earth Day Webcast

Want to help preserve the rainforest, protect wildlife, or care for our nation's public lands? How about lending a hand to curb global warming?

Join the global environmental community in an online phenomenon called The Earth Day Webcast.

Starting April 1, environmental organizations and Americans from all over the country will upload their best, most inspiring videos about environmental issues in an effort to inspire the world to protect the planet. Check out videos from The Wilderness Society or upload a film about your favorite threatened wild place. The great thing is that it’s not just a one-day show. You can check out new videos or upload your own everyday until July 31.

In the end, you’ll be helping to raise awareness and you’ll be joining many others on a global platform of creative solutions to today’s major environmental challenges. So head over to Earth Day Webcast, find videos about our work, and then leave us comments.

This 100 percent solar-powered, user-generated video event aspires to bring the global environmental community together with the same sense of purpose that inspired the original Earth Day 39 years ago. Remember to log on anytime on April 22 to watch a 24-hour, streaming Webcast of the site’s best videos.