Happy 92nd Birthday, Betty White!

Dear Betty,

At The Wilderness Society, we sincerely hope you, Betty White, are spending your birthday with loved ones, reflecting on fond memories of summers spent in the High Sierras with your family. We also hope you wear your United States Forest Service Ranger hat proudly today and remember your Dad.

The connection you have to wilderness is an inspiration to us all and your vigor for protecting it is infectious.

We are extremely appreciative of your 33 years of Wilderness Society membership and everything you’ve done in that time to inspire others to share your love of wilderness.

We are honored to have played a part in protecting Rae Lakes - a.k.a. your “soul place” and we look forward to playing a part in the protection of many more special, memory-filled “soul places” to come.

On behalf of The Wilderness Society, have a wonderful 92nd birthday.



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