Help fight for Clean Air and a Livable Climate

Just a few months ago, anti-climate zealots in the U.S. House of Representatives attacked the Environmental Protection Agency’s programs to cut pollution in our air. Now they are back at it again.  Then it was killing funds to enforce the pollution reducing rules for the 2011 fiscal year – now they are trying to kill it for the 2012 fiscal year.  Fortunately, it didn’t work then and with your help we can keep it from working now.

The House Subcommittee charged with funding the EPA and the Interior Department is spinning wildly off course, reflecting the poisonous politics of Washington instead of the importance of cleaning up pollution in our air and water.  In addition to cutting as much as half the funds for clean air and clean water, some Republicans on the subcommittee have added several “riders” to the bill.

These riders won’t save taxpayers any money, but are instead driven by extreme anti-climate and anti-regulation ideology that forces Americans to pay for air and water pollution caused by big polluters.

The Wilderness Society will be working hard to reverse harmful riders.  Sign up for our WildAlerts and join us in the fight against anti-science extremism.

Harmful riders include:

  • Eliminating EPA’s ability to keep climate-change-causing carbon pollution out of our air
  • Lowering Clean Air standards across the country – allowing polluters to set the bar of what counts as “clean” air for us to breathe
  • Letting Big Oil off the hook – completely exempting offshore drill rigs from Clean Air standards and putting coastal communities’ air quality at risk.

Poisoning our air doesn’t save taxpayers any money, and causes thousands of premature deaths and costly diseases like lung cancer and emphysema.  These riders aren’t for the people – they are for the polluters who are experts at padding profits at public expense and passing the costs on to us.

Help us fight for clean air!

And for those that want to see all the bad news in the bill, you can read it here.

Photo courtesy Paul J. Everett