Help pass wilderness bills in Congress: Make National Wilderness Month a time of action

Blackfoot River in Montana. Courtesy USFWS.

September is National Wilderness month and thousands of conservation-minded people are rallying to get Congress to act on a series of wildlands protections bills that will protect nearly 4 million acres of iconic wild places in a dozen states — places like Colorado’s eye-catching San Juan Mountains, and Idaho’s spectacular Boulder-White Clouds mountains.

Protecting these places is our gift to future generations. What’s more, we ensure clean drinking water, healthy air and robust local economies by preserving them. From California to Michigan, Oregon to Tennessee, diverse voices are coming together to protect our lands and waters. We urge you to join them and become one of the many wildland supporters who are working to get Congress to pass these bills.

 photo: Blackfoot River in Montana. Courtesy USFWS.