Help stop Shell's dangerous offshore drilling plan: Deadline for comments is Dec. 7!

As part of the largest Arctic Ocean drilling proposal in U.S. history, oil giant Shell is getting close to securing final approvals to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea, off the north coast of Alaska.

Shell’s Chukchi exploration plan and its associated spill response plan are full of scary shortcomings. That’s why we’re asking you to send a letter to the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and ask your friends to do the same before the Dec. 7 deadline for public comments.

Why Shell’s Arctic drilling plan is dangerous:

Lack of adequate spill response capabilities: Shell does NOT have the equipment, technology, ships, and personnel in the Arctic to be able to respond to an offshore oil spill in one of the most challenging and remote locations in the world.

Lack of scientific knowledge: Shell and the federal agencies responsible for overseeing Shell’s work have insufficient scientific information about the Arctic Ocean, which means they have no way of knowing the specific ways that drilling operations and accidents could harm Arctic life:

How you can help

Please take action today and tell the federal government not to approve Shell’s exploration plan.

Let them know that you believe U.S. drilling decisions should be made on sound science rather than a rush for oil company profits.