Help us Say NO to Murkowski’s Big Oil Bailout

Deepwater Horizon fire. Photo by uscglantareapa, Flickr.

Can you believe it? While still awash in their own negligence and mismanagement, the Big Oil companies are backing Senate action that amounts to nothing less than a bailout for this dirty industry. The Senate may soon vote to exempt Big Oil from regulation when just the opposite is needed!

We need your help telling the Senate to VOTE NO on Senator Murkowski’s Big Oil Bailout.

As oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico and new images of oil-soaked animals hit our screens almost every hour, Senator Murkowski (R-AK) is poised to bring her Big Oil Bailout to a vote within days. Her resolution would essentially void the 2007 Supreme Court decision authorizing EPA to begin regulating polluters, such as refineries processing oil or utilities burning coal. It would guarantee that we give a free pass to polluters who are dumping – everyday – their harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as if it were garbage into a river. Meanwhile, the renewable energy transition is delayed, deferred and derailed.

When I was 14 my father piled us all into the family station wagon for a camping trip out west. A highlight of that trip was three days in camping in the presence of the glaciers in Glacier National Park. Sadly, my grandchildren will not have the same have opportunity. One third of the glaciers in the park have disappeared in the last 50 years, and experts say the rest will be gone by 2030.

In 1904 President Roosevelt created the Breton Island Federal Bird Reservation where the Mississippi spills into the Gulf of Mexico. The birds using the neighboring islands as breeding grounds were threatened by poachers out for the feathers, and eggs of the birds, so Roosevelt armed a warden to keep the poachers at bay. Today, the threatened devastation to the bird population of this island comes not from poachers but from polluters. A century of foresighted conservation is now threatened by corporate negligence and an addiction to oil.

The Senate vote on the Murkowski resolution is a chance for the Senate to take a stand against, instead of laying down for, Big Oil. Tell the Senate to:

  • Stand up for Breton Island and say no to BP.
  • Stand up for the right of future generations to enjoy our protected wildlands and say no to global warming pollution.
  • Stand up for a renewable energy future which is long overdue.

Tell your Senators to reject the Murkowski resolution.

photo: Deepwater Horizon fire. Photo by uscglantareapa, Flickr.