Historic Election Well Worth the Wait for Veteran Staffer

Barack Obama. Photo by transplanted-mountaineer, Courtesy of Flickr.

Louise Tucker may be tearful and sleep-deprived this morning, but she assures me she couldn’t be more joyful. Louise, like much of the world, proudly watched President-Elect Barack Obama make history last night, sealed by his humble message that “This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change.”

“America can change. America is changing, and I really believe that it’s for the better,” Louise said this morning. As an African American woman and The Wilderness Society’s Administrative and Internship Coordinator, she believes Obama will be a Black American President for all Americans. The win got her thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King and the many abuses and battles that her ancestors have overcome in America and throughout the world. “It was all worth it for this moment,” she assures me.

Perhaps the happiest moment came this morning, though, when her 9-year-old granddaughter Jakira’s first question was “Is Obama president?” and she could exalt that he was.

Jakira went to the polls with Louise and her husband for the first time yesterday, where they waited patiently in line, absorbed in the enthusiasm of the other voters. Jakira stood with her grandmother as she cast her vote, and as they were leaving, the young girl proudly wore an “I voted” sticker and told Louise she felt she had voted, too, after having studied the election in school and experienced the voting process firsthand. Jakira pleaded to stay up and watch the results, but her bedtime came before the decision.

After getting the good news, she was anxious to get to school this morning, where this newest generation of engaged Americans would be reviewing the electoral map and all its significance.

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