Interior Secretary taking questions during America's Great Outdoors live-chat

On Friday June 10th at 2pm ET, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, will take questions during a live-chat on America’s Great Outdoors (AGO).

The live-chat is part of a series of outreach efforts from the Obama administration to listen to Americans’ best ideas about conservation.  And this particular live-chat comes during the heart of Great Outdoors Month, so here are some good questions you could ask regarding getting outside and enjoying our shared public lands:

• There are a lot of great smaller wild wonders across the U.S. where people go to camp, hike and picnic.  What are you doing to protect places like that are just as spectacular as Yellowstone, but aren’t as well known?

• I am very supportive of new monument designations. Will President Obama designate new national monuments using the Antiquities Act so we can make sure these special places are protected for future generations?

• What is being done to connect wild spaces? If I can’t travel between them then I bet animals can’t either!

• I’ve been hearing a lot about the Antiquities Act. Why is this so important, and why does everyone want the President to use it?

• How can America’s Great Outdoors help me protect my favorite place which includes some public land, some private land and ideally could be all connected together?

The Obama administration is currently traveling around the country talking with people about how to make America’s Great Outdoors a reality in their states, so this upcoming live-chat is a great opportunity to directly speak with the administration.