Keystone XL Pipeline Denied! Send a letter to Obama here

President Obama has denied the controversial Keystone XL pipeline permit, preventing the enormously destructive project from carving up wild places from Canada to the Gulf.

What Obama’s decision means:

- Prevented: The destruction of millions of acres of Canadian boreal forests.
- Prevented: Oil spills in the American heartland.
- Prevented: Tons of climate change causing pollution.

TransCanada, the company applying to build the pipeline, can apply again, and they probably will.

Meanwhile, Congress is still trying to force unwanted oil on the American people - making drilling the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge the centerpiece of their "Transportation" bill.

Tell Congress to keep its oily hands off of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would have stretched from Canada to the Gulf, damaging millions of acres of wildlands in its path. And the vast majority of the oil transported through the pipeline was planned for overseas sales.

Big Oil and its buddies in Congress tried every tactic in the book to ram the pipeline down America’s throat so it's great to see President Obama did not cave to the pressure.  Now we need to make sure that Congress doesn't try to get their oil from the Arctic Refuge.

Please take a moment to ask Congress to leave the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drill-free.  And many thanks to all of you who joined us in sending letters to Obama in the past few months to protest the pipeline!