Love isn't dead...neither is cholera

The classic literature book Love in the Time of Cholera is supposed to be a period piece set more than a century ago - so while love and romance is very much alive in the 21st century, the other part of the title - cholera - is not supposed to be.  Unfortunately, it looks like the water-borne disesase could make a comeback, thanks to heavier rainfalls associated with climate change.

According to CBC News, speakers at this week's Canadian Water Network's annual conference in Ottawa, erratic and heavy rainfall - resulting from stronger storms that are a hallmark of cliamte change - could rapidly overwhelm sewage treatment facilities, and spill toxic sludge into same rivers, lakes, and streams that we depend on for clean, cholera-free drinking water.

Cutting down on the carbon pollution that is driving climate change is the first step towards ensuring that cholera stays in English Lit classes, and out of our communities.  TWS is fighting back on attempts from Congress to weaken EPA's efforts to cut down on the carbon pollution in our air, and encouraging clean energy use that lowers the amoutn of carbon pollution generated.

We're also pushing for ways to help communities and wild lands to adapt to climate change - preparing lands for stronger storms, severe droughts, and heavier rainfall. 

Only by dealing with the current effects of climate change, and reducing the future effects by cutting our carbon pollution, can we make sure that this period piece doesn't get a 21st century update...

Photo: Love in the Time of Cholera book cover. Courtesy Publisher Alfred A. Knopf.