Love wilderness? This video will make you want to protect it.

Video evokes the deep emotions behind wilderness protections.

A new video produced by This American Land celebrates the 50th anniversary of a piece of legislation that has given Americans their strongest tool for protecting wildlands: The Wilderness Act.

The timing is perfect as this year is the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, which The Wilderness Society was part of creating.

Watch the video here:

The video highlights the Wilderness Act, which was written by former director of The Wilderness Society Howard Zahniser, and which passed 50 years ago in 1964. 

"It took Howard Zahniser almost a decade to get the act itself to pass - really working in a bipartisan way to get the language right that would get it through Congress and get it the support that it needed - and that was his genius I think." - Brent Martin, Southern Appalachian Regional Director of The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Act protected over nine million acres of wilderness areas across the nation. Fifty years later, these areas remain wild - but they still need our help.

"As they're public lands, there's a public responsibility to get involved and help take care of these areas," says Bill Hodge in the video. Hodge is director of The Wilderness Society's Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewardship (SAWS) program, which trains volunteers keep trails maintained and accessible. 

"It's volunteers and partners that are going to help address those challenges that wilderness faces today," he continues.

Please join us in caring for the spectacular wilderness areas protected by the Wilderness Act 50 years ago.

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