Massachusetts election doesn’t change a thing…

J.P. Leous

It’s been a little over a week since the upset election in Massachusetts that left Democrats finger pointing and Republicans chest pounding. Since then we’ve seen the importance of this event sliced and diced by commentators from every persuasion. "The Supermajority is gone!" "Good-bye healthcare bill!" And so on. But let me buck conventional wisdom and suggest that Brown's election actually changed… nothing.

Before the final vote was cast and counted in Massachusetts, our economy lagged as we watched China blow past us in their pursuit of clean energy development. Before Brown became the “41st Senator,” our wildlands — and the businesses and families that rely on them — needed to be protected from the ongoing effects of climate change with job-creating restoration projects. Did any of this change after last week’s election? Not one bit.

The Massachusetts upset did nothing to alter the fact that we must jumpstart America's economy and protect our national security by tackling climate change head-on. Neither did the election change the reality that the ball is in the Senate’s court, supermajority or not, and they will not act unless we get involved.

Let’s make the "Brown Upset Legacy" one of positive change and action: call your Senators today (including a certain Senator-elect) and tell them America needs a strong clean energy jobs and climate bill now. If enough of us make this call, we'll start to see the real change we need.

(You can look up contact information for your senators and find more information on taking action in the activist toolkit.)