Meet the Real Mama Grizzlies: Our campaign to honor conservation women

Real Mama Grizzly image.Sarah Palin may have coined the term Mama Grizzlies for her conservative female following, but because March is National Women’s History Month, we feel it’s time to put the wilderness-inspired Mama Grizzly title where it belongs most.

Who do we feel the Real Mama Grizzly name belongs to? The women who work everyday, on the job or at home, to protect wild places and wildlife. These are the women who  fiercely and lovingly defend vulnerable wildlands, not to mention a real grizzly cub or two.

What is the Real Mama Grizzly Campaign?

We're celebrating women of conservation and showing the world what Real Mama Grizzlies stand for — protecting the wild! 

Who are the Real Mama Grizzlies? We are!

Mardy Murie in traditional native clothing in Alaska. Courtesy Murie Collection.Often working in the shadows of better-known male conservationists, female conservation leaders helped drive the 20th century conservation movement. They included the likes of Mardy Murie, Celia Hunter, and Mollie Beattie.

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Today women remain an important part of conservation. Whether by pushing wilderness bills through Congress or refusing to watch while profit-rich oil and gas companies pollute the land and water, these professional women of conservation help defend wildlands with the strength and nurturing of a Mama Grizzly bear. Of course, everyday Mama Grizzlies, are equally important. These dedicated women make protecting the earth, and passing that value on to youngsters, a part of their daily lives--whether by living green lifestyles, teaching younger generations the value of wildlands or by behaving as citizen activists by writing letters to decision makers or simply voicing their opinion with consumer choices.  

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Mardy Murie in traditional native clothing in Alaska. Courtesy Murie Collection.