More forged letters to Congress found: Coal industry tactics deplorable

J.P. Leous

Will dirty Coal stop at nothing? The scandal over coal industry lobbyist stealing identities — to protect their profits has deepened.

Yesterday Washington’s Roll Call newspaper reported that:

“Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has uncovered five more forged letters as part of his investigation into fraudulent correspondence sent by Bonner & Associates on behalf of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity opposing the House climate change bill.”

Roll Call reports the forged letters — now totaling 13 — were made to appear as though they came from nine different nonprofits, such as the Eerie Center on Health and Aging and a Hispanic advocacy organization.

These anti-democratic and anti-American tactics are a full frontal assault on our legislative process and democracy in general. When congress can’t distinguish between genuine and fake constituents the entire process collapses — and we the people lose control over our government.

Ironically, these companies rely on us for the tens of millions of dollars they spend trying to keep us tied to their dangerous products. They happily accept our utility bills every month, and they gladly take our investments (eg. 401k, etc) and fund fear campaigns dedicated to manipulating public opinion and killing necessary science-based policies that are good for America. In return we get destroyed habitats, toxins in our air and water and a planet threatened by global warming.

But we can fight back on two fronts. We need to make sure the Senate invests in a clean energy economy while we invest in companies dedicated to environmental sustainability. From Capitol Hill to Wall Street, we need to show these companies we mean business.

Every call, every email to your Senator counts! Get involved today!