Murkowski "Dirty Air Act" goes down, 53-47

By a vote of 53-47, the Senate today rejected a resolution to gut the Clean Air Act, and strip the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the greenhouse gases that are contributing to climate change.

This vote is an important first step to addressing the larger climate change question in the Senate — and sets the stage for a comprehensive climate and energy bill that provides protection for wild places and encourages clean, renewable energy.  TWS members and supporters led the charge for public lands, sending more than 75,000 messages to their Senators, encouraging them to vote down the resolution.

America’s wildlands are threatened by the changing climate. Limiting the amount of climate-change-causing greenhouse gases is the first step to protecting these treasured and iconic landscapes for future generations.

See the official response from The Wilderness Society President Bill Meadows

photo: Power plant pollution. Courtesy EPA.