Mystery wild photo

Death Valley National Park

flickr, Thomas Hawk

Can you guess where this wild mystery photo was taken?

The correct answer is Death Valley National Park in California.

In light of National Parks Week, you may be interested to know that Death Valley National Park is one is the largest in the lower 48 states.

The park covers a diversity of landscapes - snow-covered mountains, colorful badlands as well as the lowest, driest and hottest deserts in the country.

Summer heat can rise to 130°F in the daytime, so we recommend you visit this spring. Death Valley may seem inhospitable, but it is an excellent location for wildflower hunting.


photo credit: flickr, Thomas Hawk

The park is also one of only a handful in America designated as an International Dark Sky Park, so it's a major attraction for stargazers.

The Wilderness Society is working to pass the California Desert Protection Act. If it does, the southern geological gem known as the “Bowling Alley” will also be protected as part of this exquisite park. Sign up for our WildAlerts to stay in the loop about this legislation and more.


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