National Clean Energy Summit 7.0 – Partnership & Progress

We admit it: the bright lights and excess nature of Las Vegas are a far cry from the remote wilderness we’re used to. This week, however, the National Clean Energy Summit brings The Wilderness Society to Las Vegas, where we’ll be joining public officials, businesses and policy experts to discuss clean energy solutions for our nation.

Clean energy is an important part of our work at The Wilderness Society because public lands are a critical resource for energy in America. We work to protect wildlands by guiding renewable energy to the right places. We also recognize the significant impact energy conservation efforts and increased energy efficiency standards can have on our ability to protect public lands.

When we limit our energy consumption as a population and look at innovative ways to be more efficient with our energy use, we reduce the need to generate more power. This in turn helps curb the need for new, large-scale energy projects on our favorite wild places. Furthermore, by using less energy we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve our air quality and help reduce the effects of climate change.

Panel discussions at this year’s Clean Energy Summit will focus on the collaboration between the government and private sector, and their goals for advancing innovation in clean energy, modernizing the electric grid and reducing the effects of climate change. The Wilderness Society will pay close attention to the summit’s panel on “User Friendly Clean Energy.” The panel includes entrepreneurs who are dedicated to empowering consumers to take part in the clean energy economy, and advancing new technologies that allow utilities to achieve energy efficiency and customer engagement.

At The Wilderness Society we understand the importance of individuals being involved in new ways to save energy and promote energy efficiency. For example, our partnership with Sungevity is an example of a user friendly way we can all become a part of the evolving clean energy economy by putting rooftop solar panels on our homes and businesses.

More information on ways saving energy saves lands.

Don’t forget to follow us at the National Clean Energy Summit this year on September 4, 2014. We will be live tweeting from our @wildernessnow Twitter account.