National parks need help! This infographic explains

National Parks Conservation Association

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) has recently released an infographic to better explain how America's favorite places are facing a seriously distressing situation, summed up by its title: "National Parks Need Help." The graphic highlights how lack of funding is affecting both visitors and nearby communities at six lands in particular.

Americans agree that national parks are unique places that offer unforgettable experiences. These destinations also contribute significantly to local economies.

Still, national parks have unfortunately been subject to sweeping federal budget cuts this year, also known as sequestration. These cuts have impacted recreational access and services and worsened the already dire financial circumstances that the Parks Service is facing. While Congressional committees continue to debate future funding for parks, the agency has been considering other sources of capital.

The Wilderness Society continues to advocate for secure conservation funding as part of our commitment to ensuring that America's most treasured places remain protected for all generations. 

View the NPCA's graphic below for more information: