National Trails Day is Saturday: How you can make the best of it

Family enjoying hiking in the North Cascades. Photo by Holly Werran, REI.

This Saturday, June 5, is the 17th annual National Trails Day – a day set aside to commemorate our country’s 200,000 plus miles of trails. What better way to celebrate our wild places than by heading out for a hike or volunteering to clean up a local trail? Those very trails bring us solitude, enjoyment, inspiration and adventure.

National Trails Day is a celebration of trails that evolved from the report of President Ronald Reagan’s “President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors.” In 1987, the report recommended that all Americans be able to go out their front doors and within fifteen minutes, be on trails that wind through their cities or towns and bring them back without retracing steps. The recommendation, called Trails for All Americans brought together a number of public and private parties, including American Hiking Society to launch National Trails Day in 1993.

So how will you spend National Trails Day?

Go for a hike! You can find trails most everywhere – from city parks to backcountry wilderness. Check with your local forest service office; PDF map of country with national forests outlined, national park and national wildlife refuge for hike ideas.

National Trails Day is also the perfect time to introduce your kids to hiking. Click here for ten great tips for hiking with kids.

Lend a helping hand! National Trails Day stewardship event are being held in almost every state. Check out the events happening in your state.

photo: Family enjoying hiking in the North Cascades. Photo by Holly Werran, REI.