• But two of New Mexico's unspoiled wild treasures are unprotected. They are Rio Grande del Norte and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks. 

  • It seems like everyone supports the Tennessee Wilderness Act. Check out this great video and see who supports it, why you should, and how you can you help! 

  • National Wilderness Month marks a time for considering what wilderness means to us as individuals and as a nation. Ironically, this Wilderness Month comes during one of the most anti-wilderness Congresses in modern history.

  • National Trust for Historic Preservation

    Up a winding road about 15 miles past Pagosa Springs in southwestern Colorado, rests within the San Juan National Forest a natural and archeological wonder: Chimney Rock.  Chimney Rock is known for its twin rock spires that can be seen from miles away, but its true value lies in the 1,200-year-old Native American ruins visible only to those who visit.

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    Wild places across the country are under siege.  Now, in addition to threats coming out of Capitol Hill, our wild places are also coming from state capitals as well.

    The first attempts to take away federal lands are already underway.  In Utah, the legislature passed and the Governor signed a law that takes land away from places the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  This unprecedented action is an attempt to undo decades of conservation and protection, and hand over swaths of land to mining companies, oil and gas drillers, and logging companies.

  • The Wilderness Society work in Arizona

    Camera Mode? Set, three-burst. Flash? Set to 15 meters. Passive infra-red sensitivity? Set, high."

  • A powerful Republican chairman in the House of Representatives just shared with his constituents his desire to begin selling our national parks.  Rep. Cliff Stearns of Florida was caught on video in a local town meeting.  Here is what he said:

  • It seems as though all I have been thinking about these days is how much our wild places are under attack.  Yet, while anti-wilderness members of Congress are bent on undermining conservation, there are still great efforts going on from wilderness heroes on the ground, and I wanted to share

  • With lead stars Zac Efron and Taylor Swift, you might think that the Lorax is just for kids.  But The Wilderness Society supporter Betty White also lends her voice to Grammy Norma, continuing her commitment to conservation for future generations.

  • Venture into Southern Utah and you will find yourself surrounded by multicolored cliffs, plateaus, mesas, buttes, pinnacles and canyons that glow in the sunlight.