Obama administration officials taking questions during a live chat today on America’s Great Outdoors

Today, Thursday March 3 at 4:30pm ET, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson and Chair of White House Council on Environmental Quality Nancy Sutley will take questions during a live chat on America’s Great Outdoors (AGO).

Here are some good examples of questions you could ask:

• I am very supportive of new monument designations. Will President Obama designate new national monuments so we can make sure these special places are protected for future generations?

• I want all kids to have the opportunity to get outside and experience nature. How do you plan on getting more kids onto our public lands and waters?

• Every President has a legacy. Does President Obama see America’s Great Outdoors and conservation as his legacy?

• Does protecting our shared public lands and waters produce jobs? And does it benefit the medical and economic health of American communities?

•  How can AGO help me protect my favorite place which includes some public land, some private land and ideally could be all connected together? 

How to submit questions:
• Email: policyoutreach@ceq.eop.gov
• Facebook at: http://apps.facebook.com/whitehouselive/
• White House YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/whitehouse#p/u

The AGO report was released last month by President Obama, and the upcoming live chat is the first opportunity to directly engage with the administration since the report was released.  We are looking forward to engaging with the administration on this exciting initiative!

Watch live at 4:30 pm Eastern and Join the Live Chat