Obama, Unity, and Our Work

Flag. Photo by tomsaint11, Courtesy of Flickr.

For me, the real promise of an Obama presidency is the promise of unity.

We may not always agree, but working together to protect the lands we own in common — the lands that benefit so many in so many ways — can be very unifying work.

I am also grateful for the new, collaborative leadership that President Obama has promised for Washington. I’m hopeful that style will extend to Congress as Washington attempts to address the many complex challenges in America’s future.

As we plan for the future and look at our opportunities to address global warming, protect wilderness or establish a sustainable energy policy, we need to be aware of the many other issues involved in crafting such policy, and the importance of collaboration in crafting solutions that work on many levels — for the environment, for the economy, for our nation.

This election can lead to a whole new way of doing our work. How will your work be different under this new leadership? How would you like to see us do our work in this new political world? What are your ideas for doing this work?

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