• Congress is gearing up for a debate on climate change - and not a moment too soon.  Read Bill Meadows latest entry in the National Journal's Energy & Environment Expert blog discussion on what the Senate needs to do to pass a climate bill that protects our treasured wild places and American communities. Read more at the National Journal...

  • Some folks argue that burning trees as an energy source — either for heat or electricity — is a “carbon neutral” resource — one that takes away as much carbon as it releases. It seems logical — new trees grow in the place of those that were cut down, and the new ones can absorb whatever carbon was released when the original tree was cut and later burned.

    However, as with many things, the devil is in the details.

  • In the early summer heat of 2009, the House of Representatives passed a historic, comprehensive, climate and energy bill called the American Climate and Energy Security Act. Now, more than year later, as a record heat wave is cooking Washington DC, the Senate will (hopefully) pick up where the House left off last summer and begin debate on its own comprehensive climate and energy bill.

  • The Congressional Budget Office — a non-partisan agency that examines the financial impact of legislation — released its report on the American Power Act, the climate and energy bill from Senators John Kerry (Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (Conn.).

    The CBO’s report confirmed what many of us already knew — that saving the planet by cutting carbon emissions was good for us. What we didn’t know was how good it was.