• America’s bat populations are facing an epidemic. A disease called White Nose Syndrome (WNS) associated with the fungus geomyces destructans (G.d) has already claimed the lives of millions of bats on the East Coast and is spreading south and west.

  • This coming Tuesday, Nov. 2, voters will head to the polls with the chance to protect our shared public lands and natural resources through various ballot initiatives. Some of these measures, if passed, will not only protect our natural heritage but also support job creation and better public health. Other measures must be defeated because of the harm they will cause if enacted.

  • The year 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Over the last 40 years, NEPA has brought about what one commentator describes as a revolutionary change in governmental decision-making.

  • It might have been a cold, rainy few days in Hartford, Connecticut, but inside the Land Trust Alliance Rally’s convention center people from all across the nation and world were full of energy and enthusiasm. Participating in seminars covering every conceivable topic related to land protection as well as visiting diverse exhibitor tables, people were abuzz with new ideas for saving and protecting our land and water.

  • The American people own 618 million acres, and there are many heated debates right now involving how to use those lands. Below are summaries of a few of those debates, followed by Wilderness Society staff members who can tell you more.

  • After months of planning and research, we at the Wilderness Society have recently taken a look at some key public lands in America and how they are being cared for.

  • I spent a recent Friday afternoon uncharacteristically dressed in a jacket and tie, sitting in a court room, not particularly focused on what was being said. I found my mind wandering back to remember some of Idaho’s spectacular backcountry that I’d hiked this summer. It was the fate of much of that backcountry that was being debated by attorneys in that courtroom.

  • America’s shared public lands have always been a beloved and special part of our heritage, no matter our political sway. All of us enjoy the natural benefits wilderness has to offer -- from clean air and drinking water to places to recreate and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

  • As the urgency to take action on climate change increases, Texas oil companies are seeking to mislead California voters with a ballot measure that would gut California’s landmark greenhouse gas legislation.

  • “I want to work. My family needs me to work.”As these impassioned words hung in the air, much like the low-hanging clouds blanketing the town of Kake, Alaska, that morning, those gathered in the drafty gymnasium nodded their heads with empathy.