• On Saturday, Sept. 25, Americans from all walks of life will gather on public lands across the country to celebrate National Public Lands Day. Our public lands — national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and the lands overseen by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management — belong to all Americans as our natural heritage.

  • An AP investigation at the beginning of September found that speculation—the assumption of business risk in hopes of making profits—in applications for solar development on public lands is rampant, and has greatly contributed to the BLM’s inability to get solar projects built.  In fact, the investigation found that a Goldman Sachs subsidiary has submitted applications for half of the land in Nevada for which applications have b

  • September is National Wilderness Month and to honor the occasion, The Wilderness Society has pulled together an urgent campaign to get Congress to pass protections for nearly 4 million acres of iconic wild places throughout the country. More than 20 different Wilderness and wildlands protection proposals are working their way through Congress — many after years of works to get them there — but we must rally to make sure they make it past the finish line.

  • Follow us as we liveblog from the Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Legislative Conference.

    Get more background on why we're there below.

    Day Two at the Congressional Black Caucus

    What's your favorite place to visit outdoors?
    By Lauren Zingarelli

  • This afternoon Frank Peterman strolled into the D.C convention center for the first full day of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference. It took all of about two minutes for attendees to latch on to him.

  • September is National Wilderness month and thousands of conservation-minded people are rallying to get Congress to act on a series of wildlands protections bills that will protect nearly 4 million acres of iconic wild places in a dozen states — places like Colorado’s eye-catching San Juan Mountains, and Idaho’s spectacular Boulder-White Clouds mountains.

  • There aren’t many times that a car commercial makes you reach for the tissue box. Most feature professional drivers on closed courses, speeding through turns at speeds that look both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

  • If pop culture has taught us anything – and these days, it has probably taught us all too much – it is that as a person enters their fourth or fifth decade they experience something called a mid-life crisis. Sports cars, trophy spouses, and comically bad wardrobe and hairstyle choices have been known to follow.

    Now the Environmental Protection Agency is entering its fourth decade, turning 40 years old this week, and is joined by a landmark piece of environmental legislation, the Clean Air Act.

  • This week the landmark environmental law the Clean Air Act turns 40 years old, and is still going strong.  However, some Members of Congress are trying to weaken the Clean Air Act, and limit the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to use it to keep our skies free of pollution.  Read more at the National Journal...

  • Getting Youth in to the Wilderness – that was the simple goal of the budding “Y2W” project the climate team launched last August as a joint undertaking of The Wilderness Society and The Y – in this case, the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington. As reported on below by our intrepid hiker and youth mentor, Neil Shader, this maiden hike was milestone for all involved. It worked for The Y – because TWS made it possible for four city kids to hike a beautiful portion of the Appalachian Trail.