President Obama delivers sweeping climate plan

Public lands and renewable energy will play a critical role in Obama’s plan to fight climate change.

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President Barack Obama announced government-wide plans to address the climate crisis on Tuesday, June 25 at Georgetown University.

The president's 21 page action package, which is inarguably the most ambitious plan set forth by any American president to combat climate change, plots a course to reduce global warming emissions through an array of initiatives, including doubling our nation’s renewable energy goals and implementing energy efficiency programs. 

The Wilderness Society applauded President Obama for taking tangible steps to address the climate crisis. The nation's public lands continue to provide clean air and water to protect public health and its leaders and citizens must ensure that large areas of land remain intact.

Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society, is hopeful for the role public lands will play in meeting America's climate goals. "We know we can find places for both conservation and renewable energy on our public lands when we do it right. Doing it right includes ensuring that as we double our nation’s renewable energy goals we also look at the appropriate places for building new wind and solar projects. Obama’s plan to increase renewable energy production means we must be smart about where and how we build new projects."

The Wilderness Society’s renewable energy blueprint outlines strategies the administration can adopt to develop a strong and smart renewable energy program. When you combine that with efforts to mitigate the impacts of renewable energy and build-out America’s transmission lines to get power to the places that need it most, we will see America truly move toward a clean energy future.

President Obama's Climate Action Plan

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